The Laws


“I came across these laws from a striking epiphany during a walking meditation on the streets of NYC and immediately wrote them down. An inner wisdom within me spoke this truth and my ultimate creative mind came into play with its structure. Many months went by and the laws almost got lost, but I found them and quickly typed them up. They were almost lost forever… Now I have inspired many others with this truth, and it is here as a gift for you.”


The Universe is Creative

All around us is energy ready to be molded based upon our desires and at times by our fears.

The universe seeks and thrives on creative organization. You have the universe inside of you.

Moreover you are made up of the same materials that share equal family with the universe.

In actuality, we are all made of stars.

Therefore, you were born naturally creative, the only separation is time.

So you must make the rules.

 The Process of Creation

At the core, it is to write down your long term and short term goals in the blessing of “clarity”.

There is a grand personal power expressed in the writing.

It is the alchemy of spirit’s first action of creation.

Write your goals with the most energetic impact by putting your mental energy behind it

 through visualizing the successful completion of those goals.

Put emotion into it by feeling it from the area of your heart.

Then actually write down the goals and keep them safe.

To seal the process, find gratitude for what you already have accomplished and learned.

Next, write down your daily rules to guide your time.

Time is your ultimate life’s currency.

As a certified coach I can help you form these together in the best, objective way.

The Results

What you will get is your creative power expressed from within you.

You will start to see yourself designing your own inner universe, your own world by raising your own power and your desires becoming attracted to you.


Just like the planets rotating around the sun. You will start seeing the evidence of things in proper motion.

A system being created within you, and experienced outside of you. Where things “make sense”

That is where happiness lies, in the harmony of this rotating, attracting, magnetic system.

And a balance being formed between the universes, within everyone else around you.

You have tapped into your own personal power. There is a power in fruitful habit and consistency.

Now is not the time to let it go.

Impact on your life

You filter the right people into your universe and the wrong people out with much more ease.

You become extremely self-aware of the reasons of why things occurred in your past, “who you really are,” and each thought that enters your mnd in a way that you look at it objectively to best understand it, not with supreme lower-level emotions.

You quickly understand the karmic reasons for all past and current relationships and you learn from the lessons of unmet expectations, faster.

Your intuition starts to rise and you get crystal clear moments of inspiration.

Finances start to improve as your time is being managed properly as you go about your ideally designed system.

You understand your own life purpose and start accepting it, living with much less fear.

You bring your ideal romantic partner in, get rid of the bad ones quicker or build your current relationship to the highest level.

Listening skills sharpen; you can read body language much more objectively and feel the truth of one’s words much more clearly.

Much more forgiving and letting certain situations heal, while quickly shielding yourself when outside negative “systems” get too close.

The Truth

Who you are is an extremely powerful being.

Any time you have felt lack or failure,

you have experienced an illusionary state of perception caused by your core thoughts and beliefs.

Nothing that has ever happened to you in the past can diminish the great power

that you have carried within you on your travel since birth,

365 days a year, 24 hours a day and will continue to carry until your death.

Your weakened self is just the opposite of your powerful true self.

It serves as a scale of perception to help you understand yourself.

Your inner powerful creative self seeks to live freely,

create beauty and be in peace with your core system,

flowing in alignment with “who you are meant to be.”

By connecting with each person in perfect rotation of your true self,

you embrace your creative family...