My Legacy…

When people tell me “Wow! I can’t believe you have accomplished so much in your life” and it’s true.. from 3 degrees to starting multiple businesses related to the arts to working a full 10 years in corporate, I just think to myself I haven’t achieve nearly what I was born to accomplish! There is […]

What is Creativity Coaching?

A Review of Innova X by the National Coach Academy The great thing about the fast growing life/business coaching industry is that it is quickly developing many sub-niches. If you are a business owner or executive and you would like to take your business or enterprise to the next level, there is business coaching. If you […]

Chapter 1: The Coach’s Perspective: Staying Inspired by Emily Correa

Chapter 1 Affirmation: Stay Inspired by Emily Correa “I am creative because I was created. It is my natural state to receive inspiration from it all, then to inspire others with my art. When I do this, I know I am continuously supporting the process of creation and living inspirationally.” When I was a child, […]

Q + A with LA Guitarist Jonathan Asperil

Jonathan Asperil, 23 years old is a Los Angeles based musician. Jonathan began playing the guitar when he was 11 years old and since then, he has been devoting most of his time to becoming a better musician.At the age of 15 he auditioned for a teen national talent contest, organized by Coca-Cola Company, and won in the category […]

Art Basel 2015 was fresh..2016 is next?

Just asked for my #PressPasses for #ARTBASEL2016 and #3POINTS…Went to #ArtBasel on press to 5 events last year had 9 passes! already might be going REVOLT with DEF JAMS…😉 Yes this is my PHOTOGRAPHY…#PRESS

Q/A with Vocal Coach Jean-Marc Berne

Jean-Marc Berne is president of Berne Media Enterprises and a busy Voice Talent, Audio Producer, Casting Director, Singer-Songwriter and Voice Over coach. He is also a Spanish-English audiobook narrator, and the creative consultant for print and radio ads for HUD, the National Fair Housing Alliance, the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools, and the National […]

Innova X Spark News #2

 Hi everyone! Happy Sunday, another week to make things right in the world! Just in case you are still curious who we are = We are a team of creatives passionate about supporting creatives nationwide, then globally through our innovative projects meant to bring people together, shift energy towards tolerance, joy + good times + peace, and help […]

Q/A with NYC Actress April Nicole Tweedy

1.Who are you as an artist and why should we care? I am an actress and a model. You should care because I am changing the industry! 2.What is makes your acting worth it? To the world? To your fans? My acting and modeling is worth it to the fans because I am changing the […]

Q/A with our Venue Scout, Alannah Brow

1. Who are you as an artist and why should we care?  I am here to make you love your life. Good art should make you unsettled, motivated, and reignite your passion for life. My art is for you. The world has too many complacent people, stuck in routines and letting their dreams and passions […]

Exclusive Interview with LA’s hottest Acting Teacher, Brad Heller

Brad started out at Boston University School of Theatre Arts where he received his theatre degree. Hollywood was his calling, so he moved to Los Angeles and studied with the famed Don Richardson. When Don Richardson passed away, Brad felt compelled to carry out Don’s legacy. He began teaching as well as producing films while continuing to have […]

Q/A with Miami Rock Band Wicked Playground

Who are you as an artist and why should we care? (WP): Wicked Playground is a local Alternative Metal/NuMetal band based out of Miami, Florida managed by Des Catherine ( The band consists of Rick Perez on vocals, Gabriel Coto on bass and backing vocals, Bryan Bascuas on drums, and as of just recently, Robert […]

Q/A with our LA Showcase Scout + Booking Rep Amanda Corral

Who are you as an artist and why should we care? I am a charismatic, hip-shaking Latin singer that likes to sing and dance and get people on their feet! I also love sharing my beautiful culture with everyone as the music of Latin America is fun and showcases the identity of the Latin people. […]

Official Press Release: StudioHousePictures Announces Fundraising Campaign for their Latest Feature Film Misty Blue Lane

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Contact: David Melendez, 813-781-089   StudioHousePictures Announces Fundraising Campaign for their Latest Feature Film Misty Blue Lane Miami, FL, July 2016 – Executive producer David Melendez has initiated a GoFundMe campaign in order to secure next stage funding to complete shooting his latest film, Misty Blue Lane. The new StudioHousePictures production, […]

Song Review: Morris Mills’ “Purple,” a Tribute to Prince

by INNOVA X Reviewer, Ari Sharfstein It would not be a stretch to say that Prince was (and remains) among the most influential artists of the modern era. With disciples ranging from A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip to shock-rocker Lady Gaga, Prince’s reign was wide spread and heavily felt. As such, it is no surprise that in […]

Q/A with our Graphic Artist, Josue Ivan Correa

1. What first inspired you to get into graphic design? I grew up desiring and needing art. I watched my mother draw me a pokemon for the first time. I was in love from that point out. I decided to take on art. Throughout school I took art based courses and then in High School […]

Interview with Aaron Marcus; Actor, Model, Author & Lecturer

Aaron Marcus has been a full-time actor for over 30 years.  He has been cast in over 1,200 acting and modeling jobs to date. You have seen him on the TV shows, Gotham, his recurring role on House of Cards, Do No Harm, Law & Order, Rectify, Halt and Catch Fire, The Wire, West Wing, […]

Interview With Music Industry Veteran, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd

  Emily: Welcome! As I’m a life/business coach, I will ask questions on your perspective of what it takes for a music artist to truly succeed in the industry. Since you have had such a long, successful career and most recently have been producing music with Justin Bieber, your advice will really help countless numbers […]

Interview With LA Music Producer, David Schuler

David Schuler (aka BOYBLUE) is a record producer/songwriter from Rochester, New York. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Schuler has produced records and written songs with artists such as Pink, Ricki-Lee Coulter, Backstreet Boys, Esmee Denters, Lauren Bennett, John Legend, Sakis Rouvas, Billy Mann, Teddy Geiger, Shy Carter, Aimee Proal, among others. His single with Rick-Lee […]

Interview with PledgeMusic CEO, Benji Rogers

  Benji Rogers is an independent musician from London who has been making his own records since 1999. In 2009, Benji founded PledgeMusic, the leading international direct-to-fan platform offering artists a unique way to engage their fans in the music making process while interacting with a global audience of music super fans, resulting in chart […]

Interview with Bandzoogle CEO, David Dufresne

Emily: So today we are featuring Bandzoogle, an awesome artist website development platform that allows music artists to develop their branding through online promotion, merchandise sales and social media. I’m here with David Dufresne, CEO of Bandzoogle. My first question for you is there are a lot of sites out there that works to support artists. What […]

Interview with RAW Artists Miami Director, Melissa Hernandez

Emily: Today I am with Melissa Hernandez, who is the director of RAW Miami, which is an amazing national multi-city organization that supports a variety of artists, whether they’re in visual arts, fashion, photography, music and more. They are across 60 plus cities worldwide, including London, Australia, Canada etc. I’m here to find out key […]

Interview with LA Celebrity Vocal Coach, Steven Memel

Emily: So here we’re featuring Steven Memel, a celebrity vocal and performance coach based out of L.A. Steven has worked with many singers including Adam Levine and Jesse McCartney and also actors Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, Isabella Rossellini to say the least. The goal of this interview is to get your perspective as a coach […]

Interview with Glee Actor/Singer & Youtube Star Noah Guthrie

Emily: Today, we have singer/songwriter and actor, Noah Guthrie, who has credits not only on Glee, but for opening for Ed Sheeran, Neon Trees, Ben Rector, Cobra Starship, Matisyahu, Matt Nathanson and Selena Gomez.   His impressive credits include a cover of LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’ which garnered him 22 million views (he has over 53 million […]

Interview with ReverbNation Co-Founder, Lou Plaia

Emily: So today I am with Lou Plaia, Co-Founder of ReverbNation! Lou is a Music Industry veteran with over 20 years experience; he spent twelve years at Atlantic Records where he was VP of Strategic Marketing and worked in some capacity with Jewel, Hootie & the Blowfish, Collective Soul, George Carlin and hundreds of other artists […]

Interview with Dean Armstrong, Acting Coach of Armstrong Studios

  Emily: So today we are featuring internationally recognized acting coach, Dean Armstrong. He’s also the founder of Armstrong Studios in Canada. This studio has been supporting the acting community for over 17 years in film and TV.   His facility actually boasts 30 instructors, an extensive casting office and access to 10,000 actors in their […]

Interview with Trevor Gale, VP of Music Union, SESAC

  Today I am interviewing  Trevor Gale, Vice President of performing arts giant, SESAC, which represents thousands of song writers and publishers and their right to be compensated for having their music performed in public. They have their headquarters in Nashville with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami and London. SESAC is one of […]

What’s Stopping You? The Top 3 Roadblocks to Music Career Success

By Creativity Muze “What are you doing wrong?” you think as you head to your weekend dive bar gig to play with low enthusiasm for a half room full of drunk people. You gave up the science college degree to live a wondrous life of music, to play in front of huge stadiums of vibrant […]