Exclusive Interview with ReverbNation Winner, London’s SALIO!

1.Who are you as an artist? What is your story? My name is SALIO and I am a singer from the Republic of Georgia. I have been singing all my life and I am very lucky it has taken me to places all over the world. I was born in Tbilisi and wrote my first […]

Exclusive Interview with ReverbNation Winner, Long Beach’s NOHC!

Who are you as an artist?  What is your story? -Before forming NOHC, Suzanne Real sang in a blues rock band while Kris Von contributed backing screams and rhythm guitar to a post hardcore band.  NOHC was created as the other projects came to an end and the two were looking for a way to […]

Exclusive Interview with ReverbNation Winner, Florida’s Caleb Joel!

1. Who are you as an artist, what’s your story? I’ve been fortunate, not because of wealth or social privilege, but instead because of the influences that have always surrounded me. I’m Hispanic, born in Puerto Rico and raised in America. Music was always prevalent in my family but I’ll have been the first to […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with our ReverbNation Winner, UK’s Sami Sumner!

Sami Sumner…my favorite artist from my ReverbNation contest. Selected out of 3k submissions! His work is understated, but refreshing…romantic, lyrical but has “something”…partially youthful and a little pop, jazzy…with his gorgeous piano playing skills as part of his magic. As he continues to establish his career, sound, genre etc. I just see his potential to […]

Connecting Cultures through Fashion

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa- carolinabenjumear@gmail.com   As the world changes and crazy things happens in society, people are led to change. Changes ideas, changes habits, change the way we see the world, and as a result we start creating new behaviors that go with new dressing codes.   Society is always projected by fashion and […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with ReverbNation Winner, Carolina’s Lumi Naughty!

Lumi Naughty….what I loved about my ReverbNation winner was her super talented FIRE and spark to mix different genres of musics…from hip hop, reggaeton, to latin and pop..her great creative sexy lyrics and beats, and her fun personality. Lumi helps form the bridge for the future of music in 2020…she beat 3,000 other submissions amongst 17 […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with our REVERBNATION Winners, Florida’s Orchestra Fuego!

1. Who are you as an artist? What is your story? My name is Marcus Hernandez, musical director and founder of Orchestra Fuego. We are a 12-piece Latin band from Tampa Florida and we perform a variety of Latin American music, which includes, Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, Bolero and BachataWe debuted in 2014 and have […]

Watch out! Hot 2017 Miami Swimwear Trendz

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa- carolinabenjumear@gmail.com Photos taken from www.thefashionspot.com   It’s almost that time of the year when we all just can’t wait to be beach bums again, working on our tan and having sand all over our bodies, this is also the perfect time for you to skip your pants, and even t-shirts, and […]

EXCLUSIVE FEATURE on our ReverbNation Winners, Panama’s Patz and the Hashtags!

  *What I like about my winners from my Spring 2017 ReverbNation Contest, Patz and the Hashtags is their romantic, jazzy, 1950’s- modern contemporary love fest of various instruments, talents, with such a sultry and unique voice from Patz. What a great collection of artists in one band! You can hear the talents of each […]

EXCLUSIVE FEATURE on our ReverbNation Winner, Florida Artist Half Deezy!

* Half Deezy is my favorite rapper I discovered via my ReverbNation contest out of 3,000 submissions, he is just so political, refreshing, and very talented! He reminds me a bit of Eminem, a new version of him for a new generation. Considering he is an actual veteran, makes him even more relevant. We at […]

EXCLUSIVE FEATURE on our ReverbNation Winner, Texas Artist Nubia Emmon!

*The reason I chose this performer out of 3,000 selections via my Spring 2017 ReverbNation Contest was because her music reminded me of the 90’s …which is one of my event concepts here in Miami…my IXNaughty90’s Love Vibes parties..the music is also fresh, very well produced…and timeless. Her voice is sexy, smooth, you feel like […]

The Art of the In-between: a Review of Fashion’s Biggest Night

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa- carolinabenjumear@gmail.com As you might know, the fashion event of the year took place on may 1st at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; where supermodels, fashion insiders, singers, actresses, socialites, and anyone who is someone, attended the claimed event to celebrate Rei Kawakubo’s professional life and legacy to the […]

MET GALA Documentary Review: “First Monday in May”

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa- carolinabenjumear@gmail.com (Photo taken from The New York Times)   …Is it just a spectacle or is it art? That’s the big questions that the creators of the documentary “First Monday in May” present to their public, can fashion be considered art?   With the opinions of no other than Anna Wintour […]

Coachella’s Take Over

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa/ carolinabenjumear@gmail.com It might sound familiar the name of “Coachella”, right? (I’m sure it does), well that’s because this event has turned out being one of the biggest music festivals around the world and that’s also because it reunites the biggest celebrities right now and is the perfect place to meet music […]

Our 18 ReverbNation Winners!

We are so grateful to ReverbNation for our 1st Contest for Innova X (and 3rd overall!)..again we got 3k submissions globally, of which we only selected 18 TOP PROMISING MUSIC ACTS we at INNOVA X feel is the future of Music. In no particular order, here are our WINNERS: Park City, Utah: Alex Boye’ 2. […]

Knowing the Music Industry by Emily Correa

(from my book In The Spotlight: Over 100 Voices in Music published in 2015) Many artists I have worked with don’t realize how much every craft, whether it’s music, acting, visual arts, etc. is a business. They either don’t manage the career side of their art or mishandle it by choosing the wrong people, disregarding […]

Artist Spotlight on LA Bourdoir Miami Owner Lauren Arkin

1. Who are you as an artist? I am on old soul. I love history and how it influenced everything around it. I am also a lover of nature. both of these things can be seen in my designs. I consider myself not a follower but a leader. 2. What is makes your music worth it? […]

Artist Spotlight on Miami Body Painter Jacob Siegel

1. Who are you as an artist? I am a passionate artist who loves what I do. I have practiced art for years but body art is new for me and I have only gotten better in my short time practicing. 2. What is makes your art worth it? To the world? To your fans? Body […]

Artist Spotlight on Miami Band Xotic Yeyo

 1. Who are you as a music artist/band? We don’t like the hubris that comes with the word artists, we are musicians who love to entertain. We are performers, we are the bards of our time. We just want to create a good time for people. 2. Tell us about your art… We like to say […]

Artist Spotlight on Miami Artist Jae Mazor

Who are you as an artist? I’m an international singer songwriter from Miami Fl. I mostly sing R&B but am not limited to other genres of music. 2. What is makes your music worth it? To the world? To your fans? I’m bringing back good quality music. I bring the old R&B that told a […]

Artist Spotlight on the Lesa Silvermore Band

1. Who are you as an artist? I am a musician! Music is my art.  2. What makes your music worth it? To the world? To your fans? Music is great because not only does it help me express myself and what I may be feeling but I can reach out to friends, family and […]

Artist Spotlight on Actress Talece Brown

1)  WHAT IS YOUR STORY?  My first time in NYC was upon graduation of High School. My Father asked me what I wanted as a present before starting college and I said I want to see NY and every show on Broadway.  Wish Granted. For 15 days, I was a blur of a 5’5” Blonde […]

Artist Spotlight on 2X Grammy Nominee Hip Hop Artist Mikey Jay

1. Who are you as an artist? I am what many would describe as an eclectic. Very diverse. I’m an artist that engages his fans. I give them the same love they give me on and off the stage. I’m basically the same person on the stage off the stage. 2. What is makes your […]

Artist Spotlight on Miami Music Artist Jesse Lopez

1. Who are you as an artist? That’s a broad question lol (and yes I write with “lol’s” so what), I guess the easiest way to put it is I’m Jesse Lopez. But who I am as an artist? Well, I’m a songwriter, a producer, a musician, a singer, I’m somewhat of a sound engineer […]

Artist Spotlight by Miami Makeup Artist Maidelys Navarro

1. Who are you as an artist? As an artist I am at peace while the world around me reeks havoc. Stress revolves me but my art takes me to a world no one can see. A world that I wish I can stay in and show everyone that it exists. 2. What is makes […]

Artist Spotlight on Fire Performer Jason Williams

1. Who are you as an artist? Fire is what I do. I’ve fused my love of martial arts and performing into a show that ignites the crowds. Raised with a father who was heavily involved in martial arts and a mother who had been brought up in a theatre background, I was supported 100% in […]