My Story

There was a young girl that dreamed of being a famous artist.

Every Christmas she would receive crayons and colored pencils and be so amused with all the rainbow colored hues before her.

She would draw the world around her, introspective and full of hope and light.

She grew up fascinated with the arts, but being from the inner city, with a lack of support and resources, no one was really there to help her or guide her.

She gave up on this dream in her early teens. She entered one of the most prestigious exam schools in the country (Boston Latin School) but was left unfulfilled, confused and misguided without direction. Rote memorization was not for her at all.

Then came the time for poetry and writing her heartbreaks, worries, fears and losses of her life but with a spiritual twist on things at times. She ended up quickly writing 80 poems one quick summer, all to end up just a journal as she didn't pursue any writing classes to expand this new endeavor.

Then observing her favorite actors on the tv screen, and bringing up all the characters from the hundreds of books she read as a child, she dreamt of being an actress!

She applied to an acting high school in Boston but was turned away due to a lack of training and experience...but this time she fought her circumstances. She applied and won two scholarships for prestigious theater programs, completing 6 months training a piece and reapplied.

The day came for an audition, a letter in the mail had confirmed her chance. But being unprepared and a bit afraid she was staying home. But a call from her best friend convinced her to take a chance, so she did. She auditioned, wowed! the tenured drama teachers and was quickly invited by the principal to immediately transfer the following week.

But wait! She was not a freshman...She was a junior. The letter was sent by mistake! No wonder she felt older than the other students auditioning.

But nevertheless, for the first time in the history of this art school (Boston Arts Academy) they circumvented the rules, and invited her in anyway. She beat 400 other applicants to attend!

Over the next 2 years, she studied 4 hours a day the life of a classically trained actress. She went on to study Psychology in college. But when it came time for her partner to support her dreams, he fought against it. Then the recession of 2009 occurred making taking risks even trickier.

With little resources or support yet again, she gave up her dream of acting, but she started to do her thing without fear. She picked a secure field in Corporate as a Trainer (as her love of the stage did not go away ever), and got a Masters in Business Psychology and moved on her own to New York City. With little money, she went away knowing one person...

Within 3 months, she had a luxury condo apt and a high paying corporate job. But she turned her heart away from the arts...until one day...she was completing her coaching program in Corporate Coaching...and she saw an artist on the train.

He had left New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina, left everything behind to go after his dreams as a music artist. He didn't care about the circumstances...he fought on. This inspired the now young woman that THESE where the people she would help.

Not just go after the money, big corporate gigs, but remember who she was really....a creative. AN ARTIST. A CREATOR. And finally her LIFE PATH made sense to her. She had suffered so much, been rejected so much because it was her job to bring ALL the business knowledge she picked up over the years back to the creatives. To be creative again herself by being that voice of support for others, because so many times in her own life that voice wasn't there.

To live without fear as an example for others to go after their dreams. To be a coach because what she lacked in motivation was someone who would coach HER to go after her own true path.

As the years have gone by, she has journeyed to Miami to expand her understanding of the art scenes, build network and face her fears over 3 and half years. Now in December 2017, she has arrived to Chicago.

She has new dreams, to create a theater company via Innova X to produce a show related to social issues, to team up and host events via a nonprofit Talent4Change, produce her own fashion events under her IXSpiritwear pursue acting again! To paint coach others via workshops and online and to be on stage again with her own show...I invite you to share your own story with me..know I have been you..I understand you..and I am here to help you.