Artist Spotlight on 2X Grammy Nominee Hip Hop Artist Mikey Jay

1. Who are you as an artist?

I am what many would describe as an eclectic. Very diverse. I'm an artist that engages his fans. I give them the same love they give me on and off the stage. I'm basically the same person on the stage off the stage.

2. What is makes your music worth it? To the world? To your fans?

The hip hop culture and the people that love the culture makes it worth it every day and every night. The world deserves the best from me when it comes to myself as a leader and representer of hip hop. They deserve great showmanship, music and lyrics of myself. The same as for my fans. My fans deserve the same Mikey Jay that they've been used to all of these years meaning, unlike my other peers on my level in the mainstream I respond to their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter messages. I engage my fans because they engage me.

3. What makes you different from all the artists out there? Come on brag a bit..

My music and my voice alone makes me different. I don't sound like any of these frickin weirdos and I damn sure don't walk, dress or look like any of them and I for sure don't carry myself like them. Another reason I'm different and not compared to any of these weirdos is my work ethic. My grind and my hustle is beyond compare. None of these weirdos would've know what hard work was even if it was smashed in their faces. They think hard work is a handout. A favor. If you didn't work for it, you didn't earn it. Point blank. And that's just a few things that makes me different.

4. How did you get into your music?

I got into my music at an early stage growing up but didn't go hard until my later years. As for acting I started about 6 years ago and been going harder everyday.

5. What is the notorious thing you can say about your art that you never knew before getting into the industry?

I would honestly say that I write my own lyrics and produce 99.9% of the music behind my lyrics and I never knew how much love I would receive. The acceptance was and still is real.

6. What’s your Poison?

Excessive shopping. I shop til I drop. For example If I see a pair of kicks or a shirt and can't decide on a color I just get them all.

7. How is your music “your religion”?

I live it. I breathe it. I sleep it. I think it. Just as I do God, Christ and Faith.

8. What are you truly creating with your music that changes the world, changes society?

I want the world to view my artwork as a man fighting his own war within his mind and his heart. Inner demons. He's fighting confliction from within himself. Deciding whether he should fight back against those attacking him or just say the hell with it and let it roll off of his back and just keep it moving.

9. What is the spiritual message of your art?

As I stated before the spiritual side of it is myself fighting the demons that are telling that I should kick some ass or worst. My artwork isn't political or socially inspired.

10. Have you been “lucky” or “gifted” in the arts so far? Tell us more:

I would admit that I am gifted but as far as luck I don't believe in luck. I believe in blessings. God has blessed beyond measure and I'm thankful and grateful for that.

11. What do you think it takes to make it in the music industry!

To sum it all up for everything mentioned I would say that it takes Faith, prayer and a strong stomach because the shit that you will observe or go through will require all of the above.

12. What do you regret the most in your art?

I have no regrets whatsoever. If I had any regrets when it came to my art that would mean that I had doubt and I'm not into doubting myself because that's a set up for failure.

13. Where do you see your career going in five years?

In five years I could not tell you because I'm not God and only he can answer that but I will tell you where I pray to be and that's sitting back thanking God and counting my blessings. Thankful for all that I've accomplished from my music to my acting career to my clothing lines to my community work.

14. Who is the perfect artist you would love to perform with? 

Will someone please resurrect Michael Jackson.

15. Legacy: At the end of the day, how do you want your fans to remember you and your music?

As an artist who lived his life through the eyes of his soul I would like to be remembered as a man who never took no for an answer. Never allowed haters to take his focus. Always kept his head up through the trials and tribulations. A man that prayed kept his faith and stayed the course. A man who gave  opportunities to everyone and never asked for anything in return. A family man. A son. A brother. A provider. A friend.

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