Knowing the Music Industry by Emily Correa

(from my book In The Spotlight: Over 100 Voices in Music published in 2015)

Many artists I have worked with don’t realize how much every craft, whether it’s music, acting, visual arts, etc. is a business.

They either don’t manage the career side of their art or mishandle it by choosing the wrong people, disregarding branding, lacking direction, and so on. When you are expressing your art, you’re selling a brand.

Your brand is everything; it goes from how you look, and sound, which is your individual style, all the way to the basic theme colors of your web- site and marketing materials.

Your branding as an artist must match your fan’s perception of your art. Working with a coach can clarify your message to your fans so you can reach that next level. Don’t take your branding for granted!

However, what I have just mentioned here is the “outer stuff,” the somewhat superficial part of your artistic package that matters, yes, but only to a point. As an artist, there is a core part of who you are from within, which is powerful, a creative energy that you must take good care of consistently. There will be highs and lows; that is the ex- pression of your emotional life.

At regular intervals, you must strengthen your inner self alongside all the areas of your creative business and seek to improve who you are and how you express yourself as an artist to the world.

It’s hard to crack open who you really are and what you have been through. It’s just as hard to separate your weaknesses from your strengths, and bring the right team in to support you.

But like I explain in my A.V.A. method, awareness of your creative gifts at the present moment is your key to success in your future. The creative universe will rejoice in the capturing of this clarity. This clarity will heighten your power.


As your coach, I ask you the following:

What is the exact state of your music career today? What is working and not working?

Where was your career a year ago? What have you achieved since then?

What are your biggest blessings and gifts?

What are the biggest weaknesses that you have as a music artist??

What resources do you need from others to improve your level of success?

5. What is the biggest fear that crosses your mind about your career? About yourself?

How does the world see you?

What is the true “you”?


Chapter 2 Affirmation: Realities

“I know who I am as an artist and a creative being. I have complete clarity in expressing myself to the world. I accept my weaknesses and my strengths, knowing I define my own state of perfection. I am full of creative power and have a great purpose in this world. Knowing this, I continuously build my inner power towards my ultimate success.”  

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