Mark Helms, Creative Director & Co-Owner, Sound & Vision Media

11011738_10153444939496763_7162487320047132410_nBusiness Strategy/Life Clarity: “I had always wavered on the idea of thinking that I needed a personal coach, but after meeting Emily, I truly realized just how valuable of an asset Ms. Correa truly was. She really listens to me and understands me. She gives me the best straight-forward plans of action and advice, and I must say how surprised I was with myself at just how easy it was to follow through on all of the action plans, which were all set in motion and completed thanks to Emily.

This woman is an amazing coach; a real “Doer”, not just a talker. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her. Her help and guidance have been invaluable to me in my personal life and in my professional life as well."

"I only had a free consultation with Emily, but she really guided me out of my state of confusion as a fresh design college graduate. She was very observant and helped me find the choices I have and the direction I want to pursue. She really helps you to find what it is you want, and find a way for you to get there. Emily helps you to listen to the real inner you (not what everyone else wants you to do)! Highly recommend you do something good for your self today and go for the complimentary session with Emily! Its a well worth time investment, you will appreciate it so much!” - L. Chang

"Creative artists, whether actors, painters, writers, directors, sculptors, et. al. need an advocate, a sounding board, someone to believe in and support their dreams. Emily Correa is all of those things and more. She's a professional and an artist in her own right who will support your dreams.  In the early stages of the novel I've been writing, I had a thirty-minute coaching session with Emily that succeeded in increasing my confidence, reminding me that my dream was important and most importantly, that I have the talent to do it. Using the Socratic method, she coaxes you to find the right answers by asking you the right questions. This is deceptively simple. But it was what I needed to keep myself going on something I had no experience undertaking. Emily gets you to realize that we all have the answers to our most vexing questions within ourselves." - Leonard C.

Ariel Fernandez-Diaz, NYC Activist/Lecturer/DJ

Life Vision/Focus: "Ms Emily Correa is a woman on a mission. She is focused, dedicated, informed, disciplined, persistent, an hard-worker and most importantly: a down to earth person. A mix of a personal coach, therapist and counselor altogether. You only need one meeting with her to know she is the professional you need on your side to move you to your next level. Whatever you are stuck with or impeding you to achieve your goals she get it on the spot right away.

She will know your strengths and your limitations like someone who knows you for very long time. I have no doubt on my mind that she have been chosen and blessed to be in the career and position she is now.

Ms Correa deconstructed all the negative stigmas I had in the past about personal coaching. She will listen and make you feel comfortable and open. Working with her you will experience that you have a friend, an ally, a partner and most definitively one of the best in her profession."



"The name holds true as this really is an innovative company that is bringing a new excitement to the arts in Miami, a city that hasn't received the recognition it deserves in the industry. Emily Correa is determined and fiery, and brings a lot of industry experience to Innova X. If you're an up and coming artist and you're looking for people who will dedicate time and effort to helping you have your work seen and/or heard, provide a platform for you to gain exposure and fans and help develop you as an artist-- Working with Emily and Innova X is a great way to go. Looking forward to amazing things being accomplished by this company in the near future." - Darian S.

Katie McCue; PR Intern Manager at INNOVA X

katie"Emily is super goal-oriented and creative. I've known her for over a year now and she's always working to make her vision happen. If you're someone who is passionate about the arts and entertainment, Emily will not only support you but will encourage you and always be willing to find ways to make you and the company go further. 

Being part of Emily's team has led to amazing opportunities and if you want to start a career in the entertainment industry or ever have a business of your own, she's definitely a great person to learn from."

"What can I say about Innova x owned by the one and only Miss Emily aka PYT. Such a sweet heart smart and great personality to go with it. She is truly a great business women with a great company under her belt. Looking for a management Innova x is the company to join believe that."

Thomas Wesson, New York City Actor

12916910_845826235427_6671811245332488239_oCareer Direction: “I came out of my life coaching session with Emily with renewed clarity and drive. I am an actor and I am constantly thinking about my career and where I am going with it – we don’t have the best job security in this business. We discussed my career and what I can do to achieve my goals. We identified my “superpowers” and talked about specific ways to implement them and use them to move forward.

I’ve always thought of myself as self-critical and pretty in tune but Emily asked questions that I had never thought of to ask myself. She helped me find the answers on my own and didn’t lay out a path for me –we discussed options and I mapped out my path with her guidance. It always helps to have a second pair of eyes on what you are doing, no matter how confident you are with yourself. You need to take a second look at your ego if you think you have all the answers – and go talk to someone like Emily who can hold up a mirror for you.”

Trisha P. VIP Nightlife Expert now NYC Real Estate Agent


Career Coaching/Resume Review+ Revision: "I am currently in the process of exploring a new industry and needed guidance in effectively organizing my thoughts and translating my goals and achievements in writing--Emily did just that with my resume + cover letter! Her coaching session was prompt, professional and refreshing.

Emily knew exactly what I was looking for and found a way to help me convey these ideas while staying true to my style.

I look forward to collaborating with Emily on future projects and would highly recommend her coaching sessions!"



"Innova X is a company that not only encourages artistry, but helps to discover new talents around the world and help them flourish. Artists are always given support, whether it's by promoting their work, connecting them with other individuals in the business, or offering advice on the entertainment industry. Though Innova X achieves results, the environment is very relaxed and nurturing for artists who aim to grow. The team's passion helps drive the company to meet the new horizons of the ever-changing world of entertainment." -Katie M.

"Innova X is wonderful! It is a great place where actors, dancers, and singers can grow and succeed with their careers. They get audition opportunities and huge publicity. Recommended to all!" - Emily K.


"Really cool new company with lots of creative artists from all forms of art. We are always expanding our artistic community so that we can help artists leave a larger print on the world. Ive worked here for a few months now and it feels like I'm peeking into a new world of thriving artists." - Cole J.

C.W., Freelance Web Designer


Business Coaching/Networking Influence: "I met Emily at a mega entrepreneurs event where she sponsored her business and rented a booth. She was busy signing up people for a 10-minute coaching session on the spot, but after networking with people at the event, I missed out. She agreed to meet with me for a free coaching session to be scheduled for a later date. But because I won her door-prize raffle, I was surprised to win a 1 hour session with her. 

Time was well spent...as it highlighted my flaws so I could see exactly where I am going wrong with my business. Come to find out, my set back was mostly mental. We concluded with her giving me a motivational statement at the end and then she told me to write out my own goals. As they say "the difference between those with accomplishmments and those without is that the accomplished people have their goals written out." She helped me out alot."

Amanda Corral, LA Showcase Planner for INNOVA X



"Emily is a person who is creative enough to come up with a vision, intelligent enough to plan how to make it happen, and ambitious enough to actually implement her vision.

Working for someone like that has truly been a blessing. She leads by example!"

"Innova X is Great! This team is an Amazing asset to acquire if you're looking to advance in the entertainment industry! Their people are Determined, planting their feet and grinding away at the grime and drama that we face! Emily is a great Manager, Kind and Genuine at Heart, though Fierce and Passionate when needed. Winter is coming.... It is Emily who can lead us with her Dragons through the Long Night." -A. Dale