About Creativity Muze

Emily Correa is a creative entrepreneur and certified life/leadership/business coach for those in arts + entertainment with 17 years experience in the arts and 5 years on the business side managing and supporting creatives.


She proudly knows about all of the arts both creatively and as a businesswoman, and has talent in the music industry, acting, modeling, fashion, and the visual arts. Located in Miami, FL, she is a Native New Yorker/Bostonian, who launched the premiere of her new events company, INNOVA X in Miami on October 27th, 2016.


As a child she dreamed of being a world-renowned painter, in her teens she became classically trained as an theater actress and spent 10 years navigating the acting + modeling world including training 1,000 young women the realities of the modeling world.


She holds a B.A. in a double major of Psychology/Sociology with a minor in Business Management, a Masters Degree in Business Psychology, 10 years of corporate business experience with 7 + years experience as a Trainer and a master-level coaching certification through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.


The beauty of being in Miami is that she has access to the modeling, fashion and visual arts scenes and now holds a well-reaching network there in only 2 years. Overall,  she is an assertive and fully trained coach, with 3 degrees in psychology, who knows exactly how to get things done quickly and efficiently.


Special Skill: Intuition; Sharp Flashes of Inspiration and Direction 


Mission with INNOVA: To build a global business that provides prosperity, exposure, great memories and an exclusive community for all of our members.


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