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Change is part of life, and new habits and ways of thinking are best within a timeframe of a minimum of 30 days to 3 months.

To help support artists and creative professionals from all avenues of life, Vida Linda Coaching is a month-to-month program that supports the philosophy of the AVA Method of “Awareness, Vision and Action.”

Unlike other coaches on the market, I use a mixture of intuition/healing work with my years of business experience to create strong plans of action with each creative client. The client immediately receives higher levels of luck, healing, prosperity and life alignment with each session.

Program Structure:

  • The Creativity Spark program starts with a client profile to understand the journey of the client help them gain awareness and build a connection.
  • Vision is to be discussed jointly in the first session to gauge a picture of the intended future at 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year intervals. This is the best way to start raising the energy in the coach/client partnership.
  • First Creativity Art Spark session is set at 1 hour to build the alliance and recorded for private review by both parties. Sessions are recorded for review by both parties.
  • The next 5 sessions continuously move forward into ACTION, covering a whole range of topics in life and business (branding, marketing, leadership, health, relationships, spirituality, etc.) in which the client seeks improvement, guidance, and inspiration on.
  • In between weekly sessions includes brief follow up coaching up to 10 minutes via text/phone between the business hours of 9-5pm, M-F. Voicemails will be returned within 3 hours. Emails may be sent requesting feedback, and will be answered within 24 hours.
  • The client is encouraged to journal the answers to 3 questions on a daily basis in between sessions on the following: What is the greatest thing that happened to you today? What have been my biggest worries today? In my life and career, what am I most grateful for?
  • The ultimate goal of the ACTION sessions is the joint design of a minimum of 3-5 strategies organized into writing with the Creativity Spark Strategy Sheet. This allows accountability between both parties by keeping track of results, and the coach to powerfully move the client forward to higher levels of success with each passing week.

For best results, long term coaching (1 yr +) maintains continuous higher levels of personal and professional development, so that the client/coach partnership is unbreakable and client maintains mastery-level of leadership in all areas of life.

Creativity Spark Program Extended Benefits:

  1. Artist Management; protects client’s best interest with review of all business relationships, includes review or drafting of legal paperwork
  2. Marketing; full review and revision of marketing materials, creative resume/cover letter, website, social media, emails to key connections, etc.
  3. Promotion and Publicity; sharing of artist’s work via social media network
  4. Referrals; connection of client to key alliances to build their network
  5. Branding; creative direction on image across the board from marketing materials to looks
  6. Performance coaching; review and improvement of audition technique, performing style, pitch and public speaking to express oneself best
  7. Leadership Development; guiding the client on a Creativity Spark Master Project that will raise the client’s star power and can bring in a very prosperous life path

-Pricing Options-

I strongly believe clients know whats best as a schedule and price point for their coaching. We are open-minded on customizing what works best for you. Options for Coaching...

  1. Sessions are best set on a weekly basis via phone/Skype over the course of each month. This includes follow up coaching via phone/email all month long in the pricing; in essence, the pricing reflects the impact of the work over the course of the whole month.
  2.  The Creativity Spark VIP month long program (1 hour per week, preferred set schedule) with unlimited week-long follow up
  3. A Creativity Spark One Hour Session for independent sessions (no follow up coaching; to be scheduled in advance):
  4. Creativity Spark Month-to-Month 1 hour Sessions (No week long follow up):
  5. Split Sessions, weekly 30 minute sessions :

Payment is via PayPal, Cash, Check or Credit Card with receipt included. Please sign up for a free 30 minute session with me so I can show you how coaching can really help you develop as an artist or creative professional!