With so much varied experience in the arts, I am happy to work with you on your next 2018 projects as a 1. Consultant & 2. Coach 3. Event Coordinator 4.Creative Director 5. As Artist Representation.

My favorite activities have to do with event coordination, production and castings! Here is a wide list of resources and services we provide here at Innova X. I am an expert in alot of these areas, and if I am not I know people who are which make up my awesome network and team!  - EC


Acting Training & Productions

Web Design & Hosting

Social Media Marketing & Training

Fashion Product Promotion



Event & Party Planning

Blogging, Copywriting, Resumes

Private Fundraising & Wine Tastings

Model Castings, Runway Training & Shows

Script Review & Castings

Flyers & Graphic Design

Vlogging & Photoshoots

Business Card Designs

Interviews & Press Releases

Music Review, Production & Promotion

Visual Artist Promotion, Publicity & Showings