Connecting Cultures through Fashion

By Carolina Benjumea Rúa-   As the world changes and crazy things happens in society, people are led to change. Changes ideas, changes habits, change the way we see the world, and as a result we start creating new behaviors that go with new dressing codes.   Society is always projected by fashion and right now people need more ways to express their individuality, fashion has to give them that possibility.  
The world has been getting closer and closer, people are taking inspirations from the world’s cultures to create their own individual personality, traveling allows us to become more open minded and closer to people we never imagine. Traveling let us understand more the differences and respect each other more. This invites us to think about our world and the legacy we are leaving... about new experiences, new cultures, new ways of living.
  Global Residents is the new trend that takes inspiration from all over the world, is made for those new travellers, who not only stay at the touristic places or just the pretty buildings when they travel, they want to hear new stories, new ways to see the world, get in other peoples shoes in order to understand them; they see travelling as a deep and a meaningful experience. Is for people who don’t believe in barriers that make us apart, but in bridges that bring us together.    
This new trend is all about mixing without being scared. The opposites create innovative ways to match garments, the prints create a whole new visual experience for the costumer, and the shapes make the perfect way to communicate your identity and your truly self. Visual garments are a must and the use of colorful and fun embroidery for a very interesting creation of prints.
  The mix of materials and fabrics that represent different ideals are the key to achieve the look. Shiny colors, gold and bronze that create very strong contrasts and the mix of black and white as the ying and the yang.   It has allowed designers to go over the top with the designs, because now they have the whole world as inspiration and they can bring to life new styles and create new possibilities for those who see the world as their home.  
Clothes that represent multiculturalism, movement and dynamism is what we see in this trend. Statement pieces that bring the world’s cultures together. An example of this is the italian brand Stella Jean, that has created it’s signature looks and personality by mixing in her designs elements of the old continent and the new continent. She works with African and Haitian craftsman to create beautiful art and to promote the growth of their industry.
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