Artist Spotlight on Miami Band Xotic Yeyo

 1. Who are you as a music artist/band?

We don't like the hubris that comes with the word artists, we are musicians who love to entertain. We are performers, we are the bards of our time. We just want to create a good time for people.

2. Tell us about your art...
We like to say we make music that makes you want to get up and dance. So when we see people in the audience get up and dance, it makes the whole thing worth it to us, hopefully, it's worth it to them too.
3. What makes you different from all the artists out there? Come on brag a bit..
The funk, the solos, the attitude, and the energy is what makes Xotic Yeyo a spectacle different than all the others. We are a three piece that has been described as sounding like a 5 piece. Our funk is a breath of fresh air in a scene polluted with rock and rap. Our drummer is in-funkin-credible, our music and lyrical content is full of flavor and the rhythm section is tighter than the pockets of your skinny jeans.
4. How did you start in music?
We met each other via craigslist. Stu and I responded to each other's ads on craigslist and Cody responded to an ad we put out to find a drummer. I think all 3 of us had experiences playing with others that didn't quite work out. But this worked out pretty much immediately.
  5. What is the notorious thing you can say about your art that you never knew before getting  the industry?
We come into music full of idealism, with the aspiration that you will be appreciated on your talents or on your vision as a musician. But the reality is that music is a business like any other and if you neglect the business side, your talent or vision will not have the opportunity to be appreciated.into the industry?
  6. What’s your Poison?
We share a drink together irregularly, and though we do not partake in serious partying and drug use, we belong to AMPLIFY project as a band that supports drug education, harm reduction, and marijuana law reform. Our stance is very humanitarian, and believe that peopl should stop getting arrested for minor drug offenses, and make everyone aware of the Good Samaritan Policy encouraging people to call for help during the event of an overdose.
  7. How is your music.... “your religion”?
We practice religiously—music is magical lets us create something that wasn't there before. Especially when you are fortunate enough to play with talented musicians. Together you create something that didn't exist only a moment ago, and that is magical.
  8. What are you truly creating with your music that changes the world, changes society?
We are creating a shift in spirit and thought. Our goal with our music is to allow people to feel excited and positive for the short time they get to experience because, I know that life’s day to day stresses make people forget the upsides to the human experience. We remind them—dancing, grooving, and a whole lot of FUNKing.
9. What is the message of your music?
Our music doesn't have a political message, as for a social message, we want people to "shake," "groove", and "fall in love on the dance floor..." We are pretty straight forward, no need to read between the lines--Just read them.
  10. Have you been “lucky” or “gifted” in the arts so far? Tell us more:
When it comes to luck and being gifted, we have all been blessed with the power to meditate on our instrument. We continue to practice for hours and hours on end—religiously. This is our life. It’s a lot of hard work. The luckier we seem, really comes down to the amount of work we put into what we are doing. We work really hard, we just seem lucky. We were lucky that we found each-other on Craigslist.
  11. What do you think it takes to make it in the music industry!
Drive. Everyone I know who's made it has that in common. You have to make it happen, no one is going to give it to you.
  12. What do you regret the most in your art?
In my art, I regret nothing. I have a special love for what I do and the reason write these lyrics and music that we arrange. There are no apologies for making people feel awesome.
13. Where are in 5 years?
In five years we see ourselves quitting our day jobs. When we ask the magic 8 ball it says, Funk will lead you and your people to salvation. Funk is the second coming, and we are the resurgence, the prophets, and there will be a giant book about us saving human race--after all our guitarist looks like Jesus.
  14. Who is the perfect artist you would love to perform with?
The perfect artist to perform with is Lady Gaga. Her energy is ineffable. She would definitely be a great show to play.
15. What will be your legacy?
At the end of the day we want people to be like "Damn, that was an awesome show, I cannot wait to see these motha funkas again--I hope they play that Heyo Yeyo Mr. Snowman song again!" And their friends being like "Yeah"

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