Artist Spotlight on L.A. Actor George Sepa

*This is a sneak peek of my next book; In the Spotlight; Over 100 Masters of the Stage...enjoy!

- Emily Correa

Chapter 1; Inspiration: What first inspired you to pursue a career in acting?

So, since I was a Kid I really liked Movies, especially one, named “The Treasure of the Silver Lake”. I’ve seen that Film at least 40 times. This is a Western Movie, and I was watching it surrounded with my toy guns and rifles and with my cowboy hat on. Moreover(and this part my Mother told me later) I was living in the movie’s storyline, and I was shooting with the perfect timing as they do in the Film.

Chapter 4; Creative Belief: What is the mind of an actor? 

It works completely different than the “normal” people’s. I personally automatically pay attention to smallest details of the every day’s happenings. Humans, Animals, places, sounds, feelings, surfaces, smells, Nature. And at the same time absorbing all these things, also have a will to reproduce them as closer to the reality as possible.

Chapter 9; Triple Threats: Do you sing/dance/act? How are opportunities greater when you have more skills?

 Well.. I don’t sing, and I don’t really like to sing either.  Also I’m definitely not a dancer. But because of my education, I’ve learned the basics of each of them. Especially I learned a lot from my class named “Physical or Motion Theater”. It based on non-verbal actions on the Stage. With that class we had a lot of Shows during the Acting Academy, and I improved a lot in existence on stage.

The older students use to say :”You’re gonna use this knowledge as a basic of Your acting in the future”- we were laughing at it of course then, but they were right. I’m still getting back to it almost every time, when I play in any kind of performance. And because of this skills, I’ve had the chance to play in mixed shows, which included speaking, dancing, singing all together, which are really exciting combinations.


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