Artist Spotlight on Fire Performer Jason Williams

1. Who are you as an artist?

Fire is what I do. I've fused my love of martial arts and performing into a show that ignites the crowds. Raised with a father who was heavily involved in martial arts and a mother who had been brought up in a theatre background, I was supported 100% in the activities that would soon become my passions.  My introduction to music festivals was the initial "spark" that led me to mixing performing, martial arts, and fire.
2. How did you get into your art?
At this time in my life the universe was leading me far from my home of corporate Orlando, and taking me to the Hawaiian islands. I traded in my truck, bought a hiking bag, good pair of boots, one way plane ticket, and a fire staff. Then went to work trade on sustainable farms in the land of volcanos . Being on a farm far out in the country. I began to study martial arts the way it was born, in the fields of farmers. I trained with my staff after a long day a swinging machete, moving rocks, tilling garden beds. I truly found zen in planting seeds, nurturing the crops, and leading a team to complete a days task and feeling accomplished at a days end.
I took my staff everywhere, the beach being my favorite playground. The soft sand allows me to roll, flip, and really become free to express my self with a staff. Naturally this would attract attention and this attention began my career into fire performance gigs. I began with backyard and jungle parties. Being in the Polynesian islands, where fire dancing was created and tourists wanting traditional islanders performing, I had to create my own unique act. Using all I had learned, aswell as the music thats being created by new musicians today, began to catch like "wild fire" being booked for events of all calibers.
3. What are you truly creating with your art that changes the world, changes society?  
My style is fierce -- inducing the primal warrior within each of us. My dance is masculine -- bringing a scorching sex appeal.  One would describe me as a strong flow artist with an arsenal of advanced techniques. My relationship with fire has grown stronger and become a special partnership between us as we create our dance. Using modern technology and old tricks of the trade I began  to take the show to another level.  Life is about having fun and letting loose, knowing when to activate the warrior. Which is something I can help others reach within themselves through my movement.

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