Artist Spotlight by Miami Makeup Artist Maidelys Navarro

1. Who are you as an artist?

As an artist I am at peace while the world around me reeks havoc. Stress revolves me but my art takes me to a world no one can see. A world that I wish I can stay in and show everyone that it exists.

2. What is makes your art worth it? To the world? To your fans?

My art is worth it to me because It can take me out of misery. It's something I enjoy and will one day bring me income worth my wild. Even if there are many other artist in the world, I feel like the love dedication and heart that is put into my art can be seen. I feel that people can appriciate that. Unfortunately I still feel that I don't have a large amount of fans but the little I have know that I will make it far in the industry because of the quality of work I make and with the companion that is melted into ever drop of paint or foundation.

3. What makes you different from all the artists out there? Come on brag a bit..

With the millions of other artist in the same industry as me, it is hard to spot what makes me different from all the rest. I am picky for somethings and a perfectionist in other things. I'm slow at times but intensely accurate when I want to be. I have a strong compassion not just for art but for humanity as well. I feel that my art can strike emotions and I know change the world one stroke at a time. I can cover a body in a design that makes you stop and think or I can wing your eyeliner and make you feel like a model and boost your self esteem. Either way my art or anyone's art for that matter can change the world.

4. How did you get into your art?

This is a long one but so worth it.

I've always loved art. I was a ceramics major in high school but my parents never saw art as a career. They pushed me to go to college and as the great child I am I did. I switched majors 3 times. I couldn't juggle work and school because the classes I was taking were not of my interest and I was full time on both school and work. My last major I had switched to was architecture and that was the last of it.

I didn't sleep, I had mood swings and anxiety issues. So one day my boyfriend and my dad told me I should quit because school was not for me. So I quit college and went into a deep depression where I would go to work and come home only I gained weight and didn't feel like myself. Until I started facepainting children. Every time I had a gig it was exiting! I looked forward to every moment because children loved your work nomatter what.

It would boost my self esteem and make me feel great. Unfortunately with a full time job it was impossible to paint and have a job. My parent knowing I was at a dead end job and I was playing with paint saw nothing in me. So one day before work I decided to persue my love for art. I loved makeup.

My face was always on point and I loved painting faces so I did my research and I popped into a beauty school where I found other people that were in love with what I liked. I wasn't as alone as I thought I was. I always felt like I stood out to my teachers. I wanted to always do more or think outside the box. Before even graduating I started working for MAC Cosmetics.

 I graduated with my skin care license and I am a certified makeup artist. Soon MAC made me a permanent artist and  I worked for MAC part time and wasn't able to do many gigs. I loved the job and the products but I felt anchored to one job. When Macy's went through a down fall and closed 100+ stores nationwide many employees where left without jobs or insurance. My stand  didn't close but a lot of recent employees got dropped.

Since I was 4 months into my permanent position I was laid off but still able to be freelancer. I had a good pay and my parents actually had hope in me and when I lost it my whole world broke into peices. I got another low paying job to pay the bills but I couldn't stand working at a job that was not part of my career so after 3 months I quit and went to the salon where I did my nails and began doing lash extensions which is not my passion but it's covered by my skin care license. So now I am more flexible and can do gigs when I have them. I'm free from an anchored job. I'm happy with myself and shutting out my parents negative opinions about my work.

They will eventually get it. I know they just want the best for me and my future. I'm losing weight and working on myself inside and out. I may not have all the money and I may be just paying bills every month but I am at peace and fully dedicated to my passion and it's a feeling a lot of people never experience.

5. What is the notorious thing you can say about your art that you never knew before getting into the industry?

Ididn't know my art was capable of making money. I grew up thinking that art was not important. When I recived my 1st check for my art it was unreal. For me making profit from something that I do with love was notorious.

6. What’s your Poison?

Having to work for someone that doesn't care for the effort I make.  Also having to work and feel like I'm working. When I am dedicating time to work on my art it doesn't feel like work which I feel should be the way to go. 

7. How is your Art “your religion”?

Well I don't have a religion. I believe that there is a higher being but not in a god. I believe in myself and that I can do anything I put my mind to. Life has no limits. Limits are things we humans set on ourselves. My art is my religion because I believe in it.

8. What are you truly creating with your art that changes the world, changes society?

Since I have different talents, I will speak for all of them. 

Body painting is a living breathing peice of art work that doesn't sit on a wall. It can cause a statement and catches people's attention. I view a body as a canvas with curves and wish the world would see it that way too.

Facepainting brings smiles to children's face. Their imagination is pure, so pure a blue line on their forehead can make them feel like an ice princess and a simple drawn eye patch can make them feel like a pirate. Paint seems like it doesn't do much but a child's imagination makes it more than what it can ever be.

Beauty makeup is not a mask. It highlights the best feature on a face. It can make someone feel beautiful even if they are miserable. It can make someone feel younger than they have felt in years. It boost your self esteem and makes you confident.

9. What is the message of your art?

I believe my art can hit every one of those themes. It depends what I'm working on. 

10. Have you been “lucky” or “gifted” in the arts so far? Tell us more:

I've always been artistic and talented at least I've been told I am.

11. What do you think it takes to make it in the industry!

Persistence, passion, and patience. I call them the 3 P's.

12. What do you regret the most in your art?

I wish I would of started at a younger age.

13. Where do you see your career going in five years?

I hope to be just living off the income my art brings for me and be the one to take care of my family. I hope to one day be able to provide for my parent the same way they did for me dive I was born.

14. Who is the perfect artist you would love to perform with? 

I dont care much for performing with my work but I would love for my art to be featured in music videos on famous dancers that work with famous artist. Some artist being Lady Gaga or Beyoncé or even just one day opening a magazine and seeing my work exposed to the public as mainstream artwork.

15. Legacy: At the end of the day, how do you want your fans to remember you and your art? 

As the artist that put her soul into each stroke of her brush and worked hard to be were she wanted to be nomatter what the obstacle was.

Reach Maidelys at..

Twitter: @myiimua 

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