Innova X is about mixing creative people & projects with impactful, smart branding...

As a Master's educated Coach and Talent Scout with 17 years experience in the arts and 6 years as a creative entrepreneur, I am passionate about people; connecting and finding great quality people and putting them in great projects. This inspired me to develop INNOVA X as ...//a hub for creative resources and projects//..

They say "Do what you love and you won't feel like you work a day in your life."

Well I love networking, scouting the best, most fair creative professionals, business owners and artists and I love nightlife, networking mixers and producing events. And I love new experiences, whether it's planning a pop up artist showcase or party, planning a fashion shoot, or giving an interview feature to an artist. Over the last 6 years, I have personally coached and worked with over 600 people in the arts in going after their dreams with a great idea or master plan or placing them in one of my innovative projects.

Innova X is my new adventure and the more I network and do my social media marketing...the more resources I us for more information!

Our Services:


Party Planning & Hosting

All Printing Services 

LED Mobile Advertising

Event Production, Lighting & Sound

Talent Scouting & Castings

Social Media Promotion & Publicity

Bar/Venue Promotion & Publicity

Themed & Private Photoshoots

Private Fashion Studio Rental 

Life/Business Strategies

Web Design & Hosting

Resume Revision & Copywriting