What is Innova X.. "Innovation Extreme"

Our Services: Party Planning, Promotion & Talent Scouting, Venue Promotion, Creative Power Coaching, Creative Project Management & Production, Web Design & Hosting by Certified Life/Business Coach Emily Correa

Are you stuck in the way to promote your venue? To build and promote yourself in the arts & entertainment world? Develop your creative career? How to get connected to the right key people in the industry? 

As a Master's educated coach with 17 years experience in the arts, I am passionate about people; connecting people, finding quality people and putting them in great projects. I am in love with helping my clients in reaching their next level by my endless marketing tips, great business inspirations and social media strategies, my motivation to go after fresh new ideas. Over the last 5 years, I have personally coached over 300 people in the arts in going after their dreams with a great idea or master plan or placing them in one of my innovative projects.

Get a free 30-minute session on your creative business or career, and let's see if we can work together!


Who are my Talent? I have it all....models, actors, painters, singers, and visual artists. What are you looking for?
My artists are located in Miami, Florida and New York City, two of my homes. They love working with me because they receive exposure via invitations into amazing projects that shake up society and show off our innovative, modern style + voice.
They are able to express themselves freely because they know this work is meant to shift the creators within the industry towards prosperity, fulfillment & good times as a collective.
That is how we create a collective movement that truly showcases the life force that exists in each of us while creating unforgettable creative experiences with the time we have here.

So let me ask you this, will you part of us?