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Do you have a thriving business in arts & entertainment, and hungry for even higher levels of success?  How about working smarter? Making moves faster with a creative partner that believes in WHO you really are? and what you can truly achieve?


Are you PASSIONATE and HUNGRY and READY to change NEW MOVES with a Coach? 


Do you have a CREATIVE PROJECT that requires more support? Maybe some business services to boost your business from press releases to websites?


My name is Emily Correa and I am a true lover of the arts!


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Over the last 17 years I have dived into the arts as a creative myself (10 years of acting, 5 years of modeling, 4 years coaching both!)

and also on the business side (7 years and counting) to produce my own events, full scale artist showcases, unique fashion projects...

a new fashion e-commerce site, 6 years in the music industry where I published my own book featuring 100 indie music artists (Check out FREE Gift for a Copy)...

My ReverbNation contests where I have already selected 50 artists to be featured in 2018,

next up a vlogging career under CreativityMuzeTV...all in multiple cities like Miami, New York City, Boston and now Chicago.

As a Talent Scout, Event Producer, Web Designer, and Artist myself, and with 10 years experience working in Corporate, I am also ready to work with you and help you control your destiny. You have a fearless, assertive intuitive coach here as part of your team NOW.



Even better, as the Chicago Leader for the NONPROFIT organization I help the community too =

 a "registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that collaborates with other organizations and companies to create change; by creating, developing and implementing social impact initiatives designed to empower children and their families and in-turn, better our communities" ..all projects we lead under IX that raises funds or any sponsorships help the community of Chicago, hiring artists in the community to lead projects and more.

So Tax-Deductible SPONSOR our projects here at PATREON

or donate directly to this amazing organization and change lives!


Whether you are an artist, a fellow creative entrepreneur, a business owner in the arts or a corporation that needs CREATIVE services my team at IX can support you.



Testimonial #1:

"Innova X is Great! This team is an Amazing asset to acquire if you're looking to advance in the entertainment industry! Their people are Determined, planting their feet and grinding away at the grime and drama that we face! Emily is a great Manager, Kind and Genuine at Heart, though Fierce and Passionate when needed. Winter is coming.... It is Emily who can lead us with her Dragons through the Long Night." -A. Dale


Testimonial #2:

"I only had a free consultation with Emily, but she really guided me out of my state of confusion as a fresh design college graduate. She was very observant and helped me find the choices I have and the direction I want to pursue. She really helps you to find what it is you want, and find a way for you to get there. Emily helps you to listen to the real inner you (not what everyone else wants you to do)! Highly recommend you do something good for your self today and go for the complimentary session with Emily! Its a well worth time investment, you will appreciate it so much!” - L. Chang


Opportunity #2: Are you interested in being part of our team as an INTERN or PARTNER?

Do you OFFER creative services? Or maybe you wish to become a blogger or vlogger for our site for CreativityMuzeTV?

Why don't you join us? We offer nationwide opportunities, virtual internships, and FREE referrals, publicity, social media marketing, services and coaching for our team!